East Coast Diving - Passikudah

Colorful Reefs and Historic Wrecks on the Exotic East Coast


One of the most iconic locations on Sri Lanka’s east coast, Passikudah has diving suitable for both beginners right up to technical divers. Most of the dive sites are relatively shallow and suitable for new divers with average depths between 10-15m. The main features of diving in Passikudah are the healthy coral gardens teeming with colorful fish such as butterflyfish and angelfish. For those looking for some adventure, there are deeper rocky reefs and wrecks that are more suitable for advanced divers. Typical fish life includes schools of yellow striped goatfish, blue lined snappers and bigeye snappers, clownfish, coral cods, sweetlips, trevally, napolean wrasses and stingrays.


Passikudah is also an excellent base for wreck diving with several shallow wrecks and the WWII tanker British Sergeant sunk during a Japanese air raid in 1942. Further away are the aircraft carrier HMS Hermes and other WWII wrecks available as special expeditions from Passikudah



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We conduct daily 2 tank dive trips departing at 08:00am. Divers need to arrive at the dive center by 07:30am to complete paperwork and gear up. Night dives are available upon request.


Dive Season:

Our Passikudah dive center is open from May 1st to October 15th.


Weather and Conditions:

The best conditions for diving are generally in May and June when the sea is flat and visibility is excellent. July and August is characterized by periods of strong winds and low visibility cased by increased plankton. However, fish life is often good during this time. The east coast receives less rainfall than the west coast and remains dry throughout most of the dive season. Average water temperature is around 28C, although cooler upwelling may occur in July and August. A 3mm wetsuit is generally adequate for most divers. Currents in Passikudah are generally mild to moderate. However, some offshore sites can have strong currents, especially around the new moon.



Average visibility on most inshore reefs and wrecks is around 10m, while offshore visibility is generally around 15m and reaching 25m+ on good days.


Our Passikudah dive center is open from May 1st to October 15th.


Passikudah Dive Sites